1. Since shipping & manufacturing done by you/supplier/shipper.  You're Hiring us, to submit your ISF (visa), Entry (passport) & Import-Bond's with Customs (Nothing More)
.  a. 6-7 days BEFORE your cargo is in US, you will be receiving FINAL-import-document (Arrival-Notice/AN) from your Forwarder/Vessel/Etc.   AN (ie; Taxi from Port to Hotel)   
.  b. After submitting your FINAL-import-document (AN),  within 72 hours,  Customs//Agencies will notify Duty/Tax,  Exams-notice (IF any),  Subject-to Agencies (IF any) & Etc
.  c. Entry payment:  Check (personal/company)  or  Wire (info will be email with Invoice),  But If it's Time-Sensitive (Cargo in US,  Exam  or  Etc), only wire is accept it
2. Entry fee:
.  a. Service fee (Any US Ports) = $50
.  b. Customs Entry filing (Any US Ports) = $195  
.  c. US Customs Duty/Tax = (IF any) HTC/HTS/Harmonized-Tariff-Code (after 2nd HTC/Supplier) OR  call/email US Customs Import Specialist Team (Government/our Fees)
.  d. Harbor Maintenance Fee (HMF)  ( .001250 X your invoice value) (ONLY-for-Sea-Shipments) (Government Fees)
.  e. Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF)  ( .003464 X your invoice value) (min of $25 and max of $485) (Government Fees)
.   f. IF  Subject-to: FDA, EPA/DOT, USDA, FWS & Etc.:   SUBJECT-to agency Document's processing $85  +  Messenger submission fee $45  (Government/our Fees)
.  g. IF  X-Ray Exam & Etc (Code)  +Exam Processing  $135  +IT/TE/IE//7512//3499//PTT $195  +Messenger submission $65  +Split AN//AWB $100) (Government/our Fees)
.  h. Service Agreement (if any) &  Import Bond (IF subject-to) or  SEB / Single Entry Bond Standard (if any)/  SEB+Subject-to (if any)/  SEB+ADD (if any) (Customs Requirement)
.   i.  IF you have own Continuous Bond  or  Single Entry Bond, please email us copy of the bond, before your entry is file with US Customs,  to avoid RE-filing fee.

.   J. FULL container / RoRo / AIR / Etc  =  Entry Filing $195 + Service $100 + above #3-11.     If Hand-Carried port (click here).   Above are LCL (LESS-container-load)
.  K. USED Household Good (HHG) / personal Effect (PE) & ETC:   Entry for LCL ($434.76)  or  Full / RoRo / Etc ($534.76) + Exam/Duty/Etc + Import Bond (IF subject-to)
.  L. Payment (check or wire)  Customs-Released Doc:  PICK-UP your own shipment,  Trucking arrangement,  your Freight Forwarder LCL / FULL  &  your Warehouse.
3. FYI:  All international cargo, after unloading from vessel.   Arrival-Notice (AN) has FINAL-info's of cargo, such as pick-up location (CFS warehouse / terminal)
.  a. LCL cargo are automatically place at CFS  warehouse, until Customs//Agencies has identify who, what & etc.  It could only pick-up by you or designate Individual//trucker   
.  b. Full containers/Etc are automatically place at Terminal, until Customs//Agencies has identify who, what & etc.  It could only pick-up by trucker with access permits only
.  c. CFS Warehouse//Terminal (ie: HOTEL for cargo) is FOUND at AN; as you pick-up or truck (ie; as you check-out), fee are pay Directly to warehouse//terminal (storage//etc)
.  d. Terminal//Warehouse are chosen by issuer BL//AN//Vessel//Exam-site//Customs//Agencie//Etc, depending who has space available & Etc (99%, importer has No say-so)

4. BEFORE you could receive your cargo, Customs-Released (aka; Pick-up-Order/3461/3299/7501/Etc) MUST be issued by us/Customs (MUST satisfied ISF & Entry)
.  a. Entry (passport to your cargo) could be file only with Arrival-Notice (AN) aka FINAL-Import-Doc from your Forwarder.   AN is issue 6-7 days BEFORE cargo is in US port
.  b. Issuer Arrival-Notice (AN) info is  FOUND  at Bill-of-Lading (BL) aka cargo-travel-TICKET.  BL is issued BEFORE leaving foreign port, by shipper.   Issuer AN is agent of BL
.  c. Arrival-Notice/AN (ie; Taxi//Shuttle from Port to Hotel) is Unloading & moving to warehouse/terminal.  Must pay directly to issuer of AN, (ie; pay directly to Taxi/Shuttle Co.)
.  d. ie; US to China (Vice-Versa):  Visa (ISF) & Passport (Entry),  buy a Airline-Ticket (Bill-of-Lading) from origin, Taxi (Arrival-Notice) from Airport to Hotel (warehouse/terminal)

5 Contact us, BEFORE paying some Foreign-Person in Foreign-Country.
.   a. As owner of cargo, you're RESPONSIBLE for all import law (not your seller, nor anyone)    ie; As owner of Car, you're RESPONSIBLE for all traffic law (not the seller, nor)
.   b. As Certified Public Accountant (CPA) provides Tax filing service (aka IRS-Broker).    We / Import-Customs-Broker (ICB) arrange ISF, Entry & Bond filing services
.   c. Don't expect Foreign-person (supplier/ seller/ shipper)  in  Foreign-Country to know OUR Import-Laws, nor to advise/help you with our Domestic-Import- Laws
.   d. All Premium/Commission/Services/Arrangements/Etc Fees are full Earned (No Refunds, No pro-rates & Etc).  ISF final ruling is 6 years &  Entry is 5 years (IRS is 7 years)
800-710-1559 (US) /  310-933-5444 (int'l) /  Our SPECIALTY is ISF & Entry filing for all US Port
ISF@ISFCustomsBroker.com / 800-710-1559.
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