ISF MUST have info from your factory:  

Here's the info we will need from your factory/supplier to file ISF (below 1 to 14).  Also, 2-4 days BEFORE your shipment leaves foreign port, your supplier/factory/logistic-company will be emailing you documents
(Invoice, Packing-list, Bill-of-lading / BL, ISF Form) +HTC code  + Photos-Picture-of-Import-items  +if any, Fumigation-Certificate/Report  +if any, Country-of-Origin(notice sample) +Materials that is made out of, on all  
,  IF Fabric/Textile Material, Must have% (ie: cotton%,  woven%,  nylon%  &  etc)  &  HTC. code.   +Photo-pictures of Labels/Marks/Stamp, out-side of the Boxes/Crates/Shipment.  
other related documents to your shipment (if any). &  IF any FDA, USDA, Lacey-Act, FWS, any US Government Agencies, ADD / CVD, Hazard, Trademark, Patent, Fumigation-Certificate/Report  &  etc,, with below INFO.  
Please forward all documents to us.  (All document must be in US Dollars & English).

IF you have NOT received any above Documents,
we could contact your factory/supplier &  WE WILL DO MOST OF THE WORK FOR YOU, all we need is your factory/supplier info
(email & name) OR you could give our email to your supplier & have them email us, and you

ISF MUST be filed, 24 hours
BEFORE your shipment/vessel could leave foreign port, otherwise US Customs can/will assess  penalty / lien / Fines / Liquidated  Damages  up-to  $5,000.00  per  shipment.  
IF you are
filing LATE ISF:   BEFORE 23 hours & 59 minute your shipment is about to leave foreign port  or  HAS left foreign port (click here)  &/or  Call us

1. Seller info / Over-Sea Seller:
.    Company Name, Street Address. Fl./Rm/Suite (If any). City, State. Zip

2. Container Stuffing Location:
.   Company Name, Street Address. Fl./Rm/Suite (If any). City, State. Zip

3. Consolidator / Stuffer:
.    Company Name, Street Address. Fl./Rm/Suite (If any). City, State. Zip

4. SCAC code and Master Bill Lading #  (MBL)

5. SCAC code and House Bill of Lading # (HBL)

6. SCAC code and Automated Manifest System # (AMS)

7. mm/dd/yyyy of depart from Foreign Port

8. mm/dd/yyyy of arrival at U.S. Port

9. Name of U.S. Port arriving at

10. Value of this shipment in U.S. Dollar.

11. Kilograms / KG / Weight  of this shipment?.

12. How many Boxes/Cartons/Crates are in this shipment

13. HTC / HTS Code Harmonized Tariff Code (Duty/Tax Code)

14. How many Pallets are on this shipment? (if any),  LCL?,  bulk box (aka: bulk bin/Bulk Containers, skid box, tote box or gaylord), 20 ft/TUE container?,  40, 40HQ, 45/FEU container?,  Break Bulk?, Refrigerated & etc.

NOTES: (Below is Very important information !!!!!!!!!, please READ IMMEDIATELY   !!!!!!!!!!!)  
1. To Look-up Duty/Tax: HTC/HTS/Harmonized Tariff Code (click here) or call & email US Customs Import Specialist Team (click here).  Importer is responsible for the all classifications
.    (HTC/HTS/Harmonized Tariff Code) of their own goods.  Our HTS/HTC Classification on Customs Entries Filing & ISF filing are ONLY advisory and NOT binding.
2.  BEFORE you/we could file ISF, US Customs (CBP) REQUIRES you to have a Single ISF Bond or Continuous Import Bond at the time.  Please email us copy of your Bond.  
.     IF you don't have it, you could purchase by:
.     a. Calling us or Emailing us & confirming it. Single ISF Bond could  done within 30mins. (click here) to view cost of Single ISF Bond.
.     b. IF you are filing ISF LATE / After your shipment has left Foreign Sea Port or shipment is on the Vessel (click here)
.     c. OR  you could apply for Continuous Import Bond (click here). To eliminate all Single Bond for next 365 days, It takes 5-8 working days to be approved by us/US Customs
.     d. IF this is first & last import, I suggest using a Single ISF Bond.  
.     e. To file your ISF, please fill-out the service agreement: (click here), one-time set-fee $39.
.      f. After ISF filing is Done, you will be receiving Invoice, you could pay with Personal or Company Check by Emailing SCANNED check and mailing the Original check.
.         (click here) for more details
.     g. Also, we can arrange Customs clearing (click here) for more details
3. IF you're importing FDA/ATF/TTB/DOT/EPA/USDA/(Fumigation Report) &/or other US Government agencies related it products, MUST file Prior Notice, Contact us ASAP.
4. IF FDA related, In some cases, CBP will release the shipment, but there is still FDA hold on it.  You could pick-up your shipment, but can NOT be sold or altered until FDA hold is lifted.  
.    FDA will send notification when you could use or sell or if the shipment must be returned to your vendor or it must be destroyed at importer expense (could cost $100's & $1,000's) &/or
.    refusal documents could be issued by FDA. (click here) sample of FDA Action Notice of Destroyed before shipment is release & (click here) sample of FDA telling you to returned back to
.    FDA facility location (all this could take 4 weeks from FDA to notify you). (click here) sample of CBP from 3499/to Destroyed & (click here) sample Destroyed invoice This applies to all other
.    US Government agency, such as FDA/ATF/TTB/DOT/EPA/USDA & Etc.   Also, USDA/CBP could issue Emergency Action Notifications to re-export or to have it fumigation done in US
5. Details about US Customs & Import  requirements (click here) & (click here).    IF YOU RECEIVED AN EXAM(s) NOTICE (CLICK HERE)
6. You/Importer is Responsible for all fees and are subject to the rules of US Customs as well as federal, state, city, local laws and following-up with us. (click here) & (click here) (click here)
7. US Customs Reserves rights to exam your shipment ANYTIME ANYWHERE even after you have received 7501, 3461 & DO.  Also, Change/Amend duty/tax on your past shipments, up-
.    to 5 years back. (click here) & (click here) (click here) for details.     ALSO, US Customs/Government Action WITH-OUT Notification BackDated Duty/Tax  (click here) for samples.
8. Ask your factory/supplier to do Telex Release on your shipments, IF you do receive Original-Bill-of-Lading/OBL Sign OBL (any spot) & Mail the OBL to your US Freight Forwarder, ASAP
.   And you MUST pre-paid all fees, trucking fees, warehouse fees, freight forwarder arrival notice fees, Customs Clearing fees, ISF filing Fees, Bonds fees, Exams fees & ETC.  
9. Continuous Import Bond will Eliminate Single ISF Bond fees & Single Entry Bond fees, for Next 365 days, (click here) to apply.
10. There are two parts for Sea Shipment, ISF Filing & Customs Clearing Entry filing (click here), for Air shipment (click here), International Trucking (click here) / Domestic Trucking (click here).
11. As your Customs Clearing Arrangement Agent, we will be invoicing for you  ISF Filing related fees  &  Customs Clearing related fees,   BUT you may also paying (your vendors): US Customs Bonded.
     Warehouse/Container Freight Station Warehouse fees (CFS Warehouse fees), Trucking Arrangement fees, Freight Forwarder fees (Freight Release fee), US Sea Port fees/US Airport fees,
.      EXAMS fees, US Customs & Other Government Agencies and other private agencies fees who are involved with your shipment(s) arrangement, all are SEPARATE charges.
.      All our ISF & Customs Entry Filing info are on our website & CBP website, but, if need a personal training, cost is $2500 a day or our/broker retainer fee is $500 a hour. Training course is conceded
.      with our YEARS of our acknowledgements. Other than that, don't except us to be on the phone with you all days/hours. Importers are Responsible for all fees, US Laws & International Laws (
12. BEFORE Customs Clearing document (Entry Summary / CBP Form 7501   &  Entry/ Immediate Delivery / CBP Form 3461  &   Pick Up Order and Bill of Lading  (Delivery Order / DAD / DO).
.      &  IF any, File Notes Listing (ABI Report) can be released to you, Our Trucking Arrangement invoice, Customs Clearing Invoice & ISF invoice & all our arrangement Related Service(s) Fees MUST be
.     Pre-paid. IF paying by company/personal check, make payable to ISF Customs Broker and SCANNED-email / Faxed a check copy as Confirmation of  payment,  BEFORE mailing the Original check to
.     (2018 Pacific Coast Hwy, Suite #200. Lomita, CA 90717) ( All check/funds must be cleared with our Bank & our accounting, if when we receive
.     your scanned-check or faxed-in check, we will be scanning into our bank account. If you paid us with personal/company check & paid $18 for wire fee &/or any other extra fees, with-OUT asking for
.     refund(s), within three (3) days, you are acknowledged/agreed that your are tipping/tip us for our services.  IF payment by Wire or Western Union, please confirm and we will send our payment details.
13. IF your shipment is full container we will be pre-invoicing you & If LCL shipment is $300 duty/tax or over, we will be pre-invoicing you, all the customs clearing fees, this must be pre-paid.
14. After your LCL shipment has been released by US Customs/us & by US Freight Forwarder/Shipping company, please call your US-Customs-Bonded-Warehouse before the pick-up.
.      Warehouse info will be at your (Entry/Immediate Delivery / CBP Form 3461) &  # 14 (LOCATION OF GOODS-CODE NAME(S)/US Customs Bonded Warehouse. Sample of Warehouse fees.
15. IF your LCL shipment, IF your shipment is NOT picked-up on time/date as it stated in your Arrival Notice within 4 or 5 days, you will be paying extra storage fees + it will be moved to US
.      Customs Bonded GO (General Order Warehouse) & you/importer will be paying GO fees + other extra fees. Please contact your freight forwarder & warehouse for details regarding the
.      Last Free Day (before storage is incurred daily)    Importers are Responsible before importing any items to US & for all fees  &  US Laws & International Laws (
16. All Full Containers, MUST be picked up by US-Customs-Bonded-Trucking-Company ONLY, from the Port.  Normally, you have 4 or 5 days to pick-up your shipment from the date Port (LOOK Arrival Notice)
.      received your shipment(s), IF pass 5 days, Port will be charging you extra storage/demurrage per day. + Diem charges,  Also, it may go to GO (General Order Warehouse) & ETC fees.
17. For AIR shipments, as it stated in your Air-Way-Bill/AWB, they only give 2 free days (normally), after 2 days, they will charge you extra storage fees + GO (if any).
18. IF you need a Pre-Estimated cost on Truck Arrangement before your shipment is in US contact us with Pound/LB for each pallet & how many pallets or container size (20/40) & LBS
19. IF THIS IS HOME/HOUSE/APARTMENT (RESIDENTIAL) DELIVERY: TRUCKER WILL CHARGE $150 TO $500 or MORE.  In most cities, trucks are NOT allowed on residential streets.
.      Trucker could/may only drop-off your shipment blocks(sidewalk) away from your residential. City could assess fines to you/receiver of shipment up to $10,000, per shipment/container
.      IF any parking ticket(s) while waiting to unload or load your shipment(s) or any other fines trucker received, you/importer MUST pay full amount in Cash, to Trucker (Before unloading).  
20. For all shipments, we strongly recommend you to get a DOOR to DOOR ALL RISK cargo insurance from your International Freight Forwarder/shipping to cover damage to your shipment.
.      If you don't have cargo insurance for your shipment & if your shipment is damaged, you will NOT be able to claim any damage claim.  But, IF you do have a cargo insurance & if your shipment
.      is damage, you MUST Contact Your  International Freight Forwarder / Shipping company (info at your BL) within 24 hours from time you received your shipment with details report and
.      pictures, if NOT you will NOT be able to claim any. (click here for details Insurance) & (click here Shipping Terms ). (MUST purchase insurance before it leaves foreign port).  
21. To AVOID Our reimbursement Service Fees (CLICK HERE).  We are NOT a payment center for all your Vendors, we are here to clear your shipment with US Customs ONLY
22. IF your/importer/consignee shipment is detained/hold by US Customs/CBP &/or any other US Government Agencies, there is NO pro-rate &  NO refunds & NO cancellation on any Monies.
23. All our service arrangement is NO pro-rate &  NO refunds & NO cancellation on any services/payments. All Premiums/fees Fully Earned. Consignee MUST pay full amount of our services & US Gov. fees
.      Also, if Bond(s) &/or any of our service(s) / arrangement are refused to importer/consignee, NO expilations/reasons/causes is given to you/importer/consignee, just a refusal is given ONLY.
24. ONLY, You/Importer/Consignee is responsible for submitting all the correct (above) documents & in a timely manner, and to keep track of your shipment.  
25. BEFORE any shipment arrangement, you should negotiate your shipping terms with your supplier/factory & shipping company (click here) for shipping glossary, otherwise you will be  
.     paying each of your vendors. Such as Foreign-Freight-Forwarder, Foreign-in-land-Trucking, Foreign-Warehouse, US-Freight-Forwarder, US-Warehouse, US-Trucking, US-Port  & ETC ETC
26. We reserve the right to refuse any service(s) to Consignee/Importer, anyone, any reason, any time, any point, any place with-out notice & with-out  NO pro-rate and  NO refunds.    
27. By you replying to this reference/contents email  or viewing this page, you are agreeing, you have read, understand and accept the terms/conditions on our website & this email.
28. Our website/email/said is for Reference use only and all our Services are Arrangements only. There are NO guarantees/warranty on all our services/arrangements. Up-to-date Disclaimer/Terms (click here)

If you have any questions please
call or email or   Click on all Color (Blue/Red/Purple) Links for details.
Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced that they will begin full enforcement of Importer Security Filing (ISF) regulations on July
9, 2013 and will start issuing liquidated damages against ISF importers and carriers for ISF non-compliance.

CBP will assess liquidated damages in accordance with the relevant mitigation guidelines which were published in the CBP Bulletin on
July 17, 2009. There can be multiple errors on an ISF transmission and in accordance with the guidelines, CBP may assess / fines a
claim for liquidated damages as follows:

$5,000 per late ISF,
$5,000 per inaccurate ISF, and
$5,000 for the first inaccurate ISF update.

Additional Statutory Penalties may be assessed for serious or repetitive violations.

Because liquidated damages cannot be assessed for the failure to file an ISF if no bond is in place, CBP will withhold the release or
transfer of the cargo until CBP receives the required ISF information and has had the opportunity to review the documentation and conduct
any necessary examination. CBP also reserves the right to not permit unlading of merchandise for which no ISF has been filed, and, if
such cargo is unladen without permission, it may be subject to seizure.

Pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 2415, the statute of limitations for ISF liquidated damages is six years from the date of the breach of the bond. CBP
will not limit its authority to enforce the ISF requirements.

First violation: If an ISF Importer incurs a liquidated damages claim for filing a late or inaccurate ISF or an inaccurate ISF update, the
liquidated damages claim may be cancelled upon payment of an amount between $1,000 and $2,000, depending on the presence of
mitigating or aggravating factors, if CBP determines that law enforcement goals were not compromised by the violation.

Subsequent Violations: If an ISF Importer incurs a subsequent liquidated damages claim for filing a late or inaccurate ISF or an inaccurate
ISF update, the liquidated damages claim may be cancelled upon payment of an amount not less than $2,500 if CBP determines that law
enforcement goals were not compromised by the violation.

No relief will be granted if CBP determines that law enforcement goals were compromised by the violation.

An ISF Importer which is a certified Tier 2 or Tier 3 C-TPAT member may receive additional mitigation of up to 50% of the normal mitigation
amount, depending upon tier of C-TPAT participation.
800-710-1559 (US) /  310-933-5444 (intl) /  Our SPECIALTY is ISF & Entry filing for all US Port / 800-710-1559.
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