ISF “10+2” Program F A Q  by  Customs//Agencies.
1. $95 ISF filing (type1)
.  a. Email photo-picture of your Driver-License.
.  b. Email Continuous Bond  or  Single ISF Bond.
.  c. Email ISF info,  Invoice,  Photo-picture,  BL &  Etc  from your supplier  
.  d. Payment, After ISF is confirmed by Customs: Check or wire-transfer

2. Fyi;  
Fist-timer (ISF was create by Customs, after 911)
.   a. As you could see, ISF is file within minutes, with us.
.   b. But, for Customs to confirm, it could take 30 minutes to 3 hours
.   c. Pay only, after you have received ISF confirmation (3 page) & invoice

3. Fyi:  Bonds are REQUIRED, to file ISF & Entry
.  a. Single ISF Bond (SIB) is issue within 30min
.  b. Single Entry Bond (SEB) is issue within 30min
.  c. Continuous Bond (CB) could be issue within 3-5 days
.  d. If your importer-id is with-Out a Continuous Bond,  Single ISF
.       Bond & Single Entry Bond will be Automatically apply to ISF & Entry

4. ISF Requirement:
.  c. ISF MUST be filed,  24 hours BEFORE leaving foreign port.
.  d. IF ISF is Not file or filed LATE, it's possible, penalty are up-to $5,000

5. IF you need us to
COORDINATE//Pre-estimate with you/your-supplier/
shipper, to file your ISF & Entry with
Customs//Agencies, email supplier  
info (email & contact name  &/OR  forward last email communication
with your supplier/shipper).   All email are Copy to you (No extra fee) / 800-710-1559.
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a. Fill-in, only Available info's  &  leave other Blank.   
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Type1:  Standard: This transaction type covers the vast majority of
commercial shipments. ($95 / $150 Late)

Type2: Should be used for shipments that have not yet been sold to a
buyer in the U.S.  Typically used for commodities shipments (e.g., coffee
beans, cocoa, etc.). / handling shipments sold on the water:
"Sold on the Water" ($186 / $373 Late)

Type3: USED HouseHold Goods (HHG) and  personal effects (PE)
shipments.  This includes shipments for returning military members,
other U.S. governmental personnel and their families.  No bond is
required ($186 / $373 Late)

Type4: U.S. Government and U.S. Military:  Only to be used for actual
government or military.  No bond is required.  ($186 / $373 Late)

Type5:  Diplomatic; Only to be used by foreign entities/entitled to
diplomatic immunity.  No bond is required.  ($186 / $373 Late)

Type6: Carnet; Covers shipments arriving under a carnet.  No bond is
required.  ($186 / $373 Late)

Type7: U.S. Goods;  Reserved for shipments containing solely U.S.
Goods Returned.  ($186 / $373 Late)

Type8: FTZ Shipments;  Reserved for shipments going into a Foreign
Trade Zone.  ($186 / $373 Late)

Type9: International Mail;  Reserved for USPS mail shipments.  No bond
is required.  ($186 / $373 Late)

Type10:  OCS Shipments; Reserved for shipments arriving from a U.S.
outer continental shelf point or from vessels operating over a U.S. OCS
point (e.g. rigs, derrick barges, seismic vessels). ($186 / $373 Late)

Type11: To file your Importer Security Filing (ISF 5+2) ISF 5+2 is for only:
Immediate Exportation (IE)  or  Transportation and Exportation (TE)
Immediate Transportation (IT)  ($186 / $373 Late)