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1. Receiving or Picking-up or trucking your cargo from CFS warehouse (LCL) / Terminal (Full) is very simple:
.  a. Email your driver-license  or  your designate pick-up person driver-license  or   your trucker company info
.  b. IF you require trucking arrangement from us, email your/receiver full address, name, phone, email & photo-pictures of driver-license.
.  c. Before Pick-up/trucking, ask your warehouse/port, if there is any physical/visual/etc damage, if any, contact your supplier//shipper//forwarder/issuer-arrival-notice.

2. Fyi: All international cargo, after unloading from vessel
.  a. LCL cargo are automatically place at CFS  warehouse, until Customs//Agencies has identify who, what & etc.  It could only pick-up by you or designate Individual//trucker   
.  b. Full containers/Etc are automatically place at port//Terminal, until Customs//Agencies has identify who, what & etc. It could only pick-up by trucker with access permits only

3. Before you could receive or pick-up or truck your Cargo:
.  a. You & your-warehouse/port will be receiving Freight-Released from issuer Arrival-Notice/Forwarder/Carrier/Vessel/Etc, after you have satisfied Arrival-Notice
.  b. You & your-warehouse/port will be receiving Customs-Released (aka; Pick-up-Order/3461/3299/7501/Etc) from us/Customs, after you have satisfied ISF & Entry.
.  c. IF you received Original-Bill-of-Lading/OBL from your factory/supplier/shipper, please contact issuer arrival-notice/forwarder

4. Trucking Arrangement Definition:
.  a. Freight Brokerage (Freight Broker): Customer acknowledges that is a Freight Broker (ie; Cargo-Travel-Agent)
.  b. Freight Carrier (ie; Truck/Vessel): The Freight Carrier is a dually licensed and registered company that provides the actual transportation of shipments
.  c. Trucker/Carrier are driver, NOT loader/unloader.   IF  trucker  is  injured,  while  helping you to loading/unloading, trucker/carrier will/may claim against you
.  d. Customer (Shipper / Consignor / Consignee / Third Party / Agent of Shipper / Assignee / You / Etc)  is all except (Freight Broker) & Etc
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